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Cultural Tourism

Culture is another amazing safari encounter other than the wildlife and Gorilla, all the countries have unique cultural adventure encounters to offer to all kinds of travelers looking for adventures to enjoy the unique African culture as well as traditional customs. In Rwanda, the Iby’iwachu cultural village has a lot to offer to travelers about the traditional customs and culture of the Rwandese people form the time of the Kings till ta date. The cultural village is strategically located a few kilometers away from Volcanoes National Park and offers amazing cultural encounters as well as history of the people that were once poachers and how they have reformed to conserving wildlife. You will communicate with majority of these and they will narrate to you how they changed from hunting wildlife illegally to being conservationists so as for them not to run into extinction. The Rwandese also have other cultural encounters like the Kwita Izina ceremony where they name the young Gorillas as a way of welcoming them.

Uganda also referred to as the Pearl of Africa is also a wonderful cultural destination for all travelers looking to experience this amazing adventure vacation activity. The country has numerous tribes with unique customs, beliefs, backgrounds all over the country ready to offer different experiences and these range from the Buganda, bunyoro, tooro and busoga. However, the Baganda tribe is the most dominant of all since the language is the most spoken in all regions around the country. There are various tourist attractions in the country and these include; the prominent Kasubi Tombs, Namugongo Martrys shrine where numerous people of the Catholic religion transfer to every 3rd June to remember the Uganda martrys who gave up their lives for their belief/ faith in God. These were burnt and killed by a cruel King of Buganda called King Mwanga who was a muslim. The Bahai’ Temple, the Naggalabi Coronation site, the King’s Palace Mengo, Bulange Mengo, Namirmbe and Rubaga cathedrals as well as the Uganda Museum which is located a few kilometers off the city center.