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Gorilla Habituation

Gorilla Habituation is a process which involves training the Gorillas to be approachable by humans. This also happens to the close relative the chimpanzee and is a very exciting experience since visitors get the opportunity to learn and deeply know about the primates as well as their lifestyle from the time they wake up until they rest in the evenings. The experience is amazing and requires visitors to be in groups of 4 other than the Gorilla trekking adventure that requires you to be in groups of 8 searching for Gorillas from one place to another. In Uganda, this takes place in the Rushaga area of Bwindi impenetrable National Park and the permits should be booked about 6 months in advance to avoid any inconveniences as well as unexpected changes. It costs US $1500 per person experiencing the one Gorilla group that was separated from the rest to be habituated. It will take you a period of 4 hours or a full day hence giving you exceptional experiences with the Gorillas other than the tracking since it restricts you only an hour to be in the presence of the Gorillas.

You will transfer through the forest in company of a skilled ranger guide as well as researchers and on your way you will proceed on to spot the semi habituated Gorillas which will shy away from you since they are in the process of training to be approachable by humans. In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda, two Gorilla groups have been habituated to be seen by all visitors looking to enjoy this remarkable experience. These are found in the Rushaga and Nkuringo sectors and the Gorilla families habituated include; Bushaho and Bikyingi. The period of habituation takes place for 2-3 years and after the wild Gorillas are done, they are opened to be spotted and tracked by the researchers and the visitors.

When the rangers find the gorillas, they spend the day in the forest, make calm vocalizations, or even pretend to eat leaves showing them that they are not a threat. It takes some time for the gorillas to get out of hiding. For many months trekkers can only see the hands or faces of curious gorillas poking through the bush. It’s only when the silver back feels comfortable about their presence that he will lead the rest of the group to come out and feed in the open but still at a distance.

It is when they can be approached without running off that the group can now be allowed to be viewed by tourists. The group is still monitored on a daily basis since the humans are now responsible for their protection. The process is long and the gorillas need to be shown love, dedication and care.

If you are looking for an incredible encounter with the rare Gorillas through learning more about them as well as their natural surroundings, take on this amazing habituation experience to have the best adventure experiences since you will be in company of the Gorillas for a whole day.