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Gorilla Habituation

why gorillas tolerate human beings. Offering Best Gorilla Travel Info

Gorilla habituation means getting them used to humans either for tourism or research purposes. The process is very challenging for it can take even up to 2 years. A group of wild gorillas is assigned to trackers who set out everyday in rain or shine to follow them.

When the rangers find the gorillas, they spend the day in the forest, make calm vocalizations, or even pretend to eat leaves showing them that they are not a threat. It takes some time for the gorillas to get out of hiding. For many months trekkers can only see the hands or faces of curious gorillas poking through the bush. It’s only when the silver back feels comfortable about their presence that he will lead the rest of the group to come out and feed in the open but still at a distance.

It is when they can be approached without running off that the group can now be allowed to be viewed by tourists. The group is still monitored on a daily basis since the humans are now responsible for their protection. The process is long and the gorillas need to be shown love, dedication and care.