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Mountain Gorilla Tracking

Mountain gorillas are Ugandans big attraction, they are special rare and gentle. Gorilla tracking is a unique humbling and thrilling experience which leads you into a strange tropical forest to meet unusual creatures on their own terms, which can take all day. The guide leads you through the gorilla’s world explaining aspects of their ecology and behaviour all day long. Basic facts about Bwindi and Mgahinga are provided. Both parks have specific groups habituated.

The composition of any group changes as individuals are born, die or transfer so the guide will give you an up-to-date details. These are wild creatures with no fixed routine and finding them requires the skill and experience of your trackers and guides as well as luck. The guides and trackers know gorillas intimately; will take you to the area where they left them the day before. The guides ensure that you are safe while tracking.

However when you find the gorillas, there is no guarantee that you will take photos immediately. You only need to be patient for them to come out of the thick vegetation.

What to bring on a gorilla safari

Gorilla tracking takes time, so go prepared. Wear non-skid resistant shoes suitable for steepy muddy slopes; carry rain gear, sunscreen, hat, water, packed lunch and binoculars.

NB: When gorilla tracking safari keep your voice low, do not point or wave arms because it may be seen as a threat, move slowly, do not use a flash as it could easily frighten the gorillas and bother other visitors.


  •  When in the park never walk alone-always take a guide.
  • Incase of emergency-dig a hole and bury it to protect our health.
  • Do not drop litter-take it home.
  • Do not pick remove any plants or wildlife.
  • When you are with gorillas keep your distance minimum of 5m
  • No smoking
  • And if you must sneeze or cough cover your face and turn away from gorillas