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This small,land locked country bordered by Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda is referred to as the “land of a thousand hills” comprised of fertile and hilly terrain. They depend on subsistence agriculture with dense and increasing population.
Rwanda’s climate is tropical and the high elevation with two rainy seasons from February- May and September – December.

Transport is primarily by road, the government has invested in the improvement of transport infrastructure with paved roads in the capital city Kigali and most of the major towns and cities in the country. It has an international airport at Kigali serving both domestic and international flights.
The outstanding mountain features offer a unique scenic beauty; mountain gorillas and primates make it a special destination.

Necessary Information

Passport and Visa
Tourists must to have a valid passport and the visa is obtained on arrival at the airport cost of US dollar 60.

French and English are the official languages spoken; Kiswahili is used in commercial centers while Kinyarwanda is the local language.

The Rwandan Franc is the legal tender and the US dollar is another hard currency where by 1 dollar is exchanged at a rate of about 500 RFR.Visa and credit cards are majorly used in major hotels in Kigali.

There are different international flights that reach Kigali international airport which is located a few kilometers from the main city centre. These include Sn Brussels, South African Airways, British Airways, Kenya Airways, Eithiopian Airlines, Air Burundi, Rwanda Express and other domestic flights by Akagera Aviation.

Transport and Communication
Rwanda has a good road network infrastructure connecting the various regions.
There are a number of different bus companies operating in and out of the country such as Gaso bus company, Jaguar, Ataco Express, Regional coaches, Virunga express and Ontracom express.