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Volcanoes National Park

There are 10 different Gorilla groups that can be tracked in Volcanoes National Park by all kinds of travelers that transfer to the beautiful country of rolling hills for an exciting Gorilla safari adventure. The families that can be tracked here include;

  • Susa A Group

-It was named after the beautiful Susa River and the most challenging to track in Volcanoes due to its constant movement to the hilly/ montane areas around the park.

-It is a large Gorilla group with about 28 Gorilla individuals and 3 different silverbacks.

-It is very prominent due to the presence of its y are fond of playing around whole the time and these are called Byishimo & Impano.

– It comprises of the oldest habituated Gorilla called Poppy and is one of the Gorilla groups that were created by the prominent primatologist called Dian Fossey.

  • Sabyinyo

-It is the closest and nearest Gorilla group that can be tracked by travelers in Volcanoes National Park.

-The group lives in the area between the gentle slopes of Mount Gahinga and Sabinyo.

– The dominant silverback of the group is called Guhonda which has chased its top competitor called Ryango out of the group.

-It comprises of 13 Gorilla individuals and one ruling dominant Silverback Guhonda.

-Silverback Guhonda is the largest silverback in the park with about 220 kgs and the group was named after Mount Sabinyo which means Old man’s teeth.

  • Amahoro

-It is known to be a very peaceful Gorilla group as compared to the rest in the park.

-It is usually attacked by other strong fierce groups like the Umubano which has captured most of its members.

– It comprises of 18 Gorilla individuals with 2 silverbacks

-It requires some physical fitness since visitors have to hike to the top of Mount Bisoke where the group situated their habitat.

  • Group 13

-It is also referred to as the Agashya Gorilla group

-It is led by a dominant silverback called Nyakarima who was overthrown by silverback Agashya who took on the leadership of the group.

– It comprises of 27 Gorilla individuals including one dominant silverback called Agashya.

-It is fond of moving/ wandering around from one place to another hence requires strength and determination to be seen for Agashya hides the group when he senses danger.

  • Kwitonda

-The word Kwitonda means the Humble one with a silverback known as Kwitonda being the dominant ruling male Gorilla of the group.

-It usually wanders in the lower slopes of Mt. Muhabura and is challenging to track due to the fact that one requires some bit of physical fitness to enjoy the whole experience.

-It comprises of 23 Gorilla individuals including 4 silverbacks

  • Umubano

-It separated from the Ubumwe Gorilla group after the consistent battles with Silverback Ubumwe for power.

-The dominant Silverback Gorilla leading the group is called Charles.

– The word Umubano means living together in the local Kinyarwanda language.

-It comprises of 13 Gorilla individuals including 2 silverbacks.

-Silverback Charles protects his family aggressively from any Gorilla groups that attack.

  • Hirwa

-It was formed by some members that separated from Sabyinyo and Agashya Gorilla groups.

-It comprises of 16 Gorilla individuals with 1 leading dominant silverback.

-The term Hirwa means the Lucky One in the local language.

-It lives in the area at the bottom of Mount Sabyinyo as well as Gahinga.

  • Karisimbi

-It is referred to as the Susa B Gorilla group due to the fact that it split from Susa A Group in 2008.

-It comprises of 16 Gorilla individuals with 2 silverbacks.

-It is the most challenging to track due to the fact that the group usually lives in the upper slopes of Mt. Karisimbi at an altitude of 4507m.

-It requires one to be physically fit to track this group due to its location at the top of the Mountain.

  • Ugenda

-The term Ugenda means mobile/ on the move in the local Kinyarwanda language.

-It was named this due to its constant movement from one place to another

-It consists of 11 Gorilla individuals with 2 silverbacks

-It usually wanders around the Karismbi area hence quite challenging to track since it requires hiking to the top.