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There are many different islands around the countries in East Africa especially along the coast of Kenya and Tanzania as well as some in Uganda that offer exceptional adventures to all kinds of travelers looking for relaxation and beautiful beach holidays.

Ssese Islands; this includes eighty four different islands in the North Western part of the vast beautiful Lake Victoria and these are adjacent with Kalangala District which is located in the central part of Uganda and has no territory on the mainland of Uganda. These are distributed into two major groups i.e the Bugala group in the South West and Koome group which is in the North East and these are separated by the Koome channel. The islands in the Bugala group include; Bubeke, Bubembe, Bufumira, Bugaba, Bukasa, Buyova, Funve and Serinya where as the main ones are Damba, Koome and Luwaji. To get there, you will transfer through Nakiwogo close to Entebbe by MV Kalangala which is the main gateway and the distance will take you a period of 3½ hours.

Bugala Island; this is the second largest island of all the SSese Islands in the vast beautiful prominent fresh water Lake Victoria and the mostly developed for tourism. It is joined to the mainland by use of a motor ferry which will transfer you to the island. There is numerous accommodations to suit all kinds of travelers as well as scenic views at the lake and the vegetation sceneries in a distance. Kalangala the administrative and busy center for all the islands is situated East of Bugala Island. Close is the Lutoboka bay which consists of numerous beach resorts that offer unique experiences to all honeymooners on vacation as well as friends get togethers. The Island also has a candid village called Luku where motor ferries from the mainland dock from. A good dirt road joins Luku to Kalangala.

Ngamba Island; this is prominently known for chimpanzee habituation and offers unique exciting chimpanzee adventure encounters. It is situated in a relative distance from the mainland into the vast prominent Lake Victoria and requires one to transfer with a motor boat/ canoe or speed boat which will take a period of 3-5 hours. These are reserved though the Ngamba Island Reservations office. When you reach the island, you will take on day trips to feed the chimpanzees which are on the other side of the net an experience that is so amazing because you will refer to them by their names.

Koome Island; situated in Mukono District in the North Western part of Lake Victoria, the island is separated from all the other islands by the Koome channel. It is the largest island in the North Eastern group of islands i.e Damba Island, Luwaji Island, Ngamba-Chimpanzee Island, Bulago Island, Kayaga Island etc. Getting there will take one to sail for a distance of 63 kilometres (39 mi) 63 kilometres (39 mi) and when you reach here, you will be amazed. The closest urban center is called Bugombe which is located on the North Western shore of the Island.

Lamu Island; being named after the Old town of Lamu, the island was built using coral stone and mangrove timber with simple structures featuring inner verandas, court yards and wooden doors. The island hosts major muslim religious festivals since the 19th century as well as a center for teaching Islamic and Swahili culture. In order to access the island you should transfer by boat to Mokowe on the mainland and to Manda Island. No roads are on the islands but instead footpaths and alleyways.

Funzi Island; located in Kenya’s settlement called the Kwale County, the island comprises of four mangrove covered islands. The island has permanent inhabitants with a village of about 1500 members that belong to the Shiraz Tribe. Most of these are Muslim and practice agriculture as well as fishing. The island includes numerous beaches and a prominent nesting site for the sea turtles like the green turtle, hawksbill and leatherback which are known to be endangered. These are found only on Funzi Island since the island is not densily populated and comprises of natural sand beaches.