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Activities on Uganda Safaris

Sport Fishing and sight seeing

Uganda is well endowed with a number of lakes and rivers. Sport fishing can be done on Murchison falls national park and Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water in the world.Tilipia is the common specie.
Sight seeing in Kampala

Uganda’s capital city founded on seven hills. The places to visit include kasubi tombs, Bahai Hindu temple; Kabakas Lake, Uganda martyrs shrine, Uganda museum, and Namirembe and Rubaga cathedral and African exposure craft market.
Kampala is a safe town, offers alot of entertainment and one is free to walk around and shop in the city centre.
Rwenzori and Elgon mountains.

Rwenzori mountains are known as the “mountains of the moon” reaching an elevation, 5109m.The six snow capped mountains with unique vegetations provides a lifetime rewarding, adventerous climbing experience.
The Italian Duke of Abruzzi, Prince Liugi Amedeo was the first climber to reach the highest peak. The central circuit takes 7 days, but there is an option to hike for fewer days.
Mount Elgon being an extinct volcano with everlasting flowers offers hiking through the different trail heads.
Nature Walks

Most of Uganda’s beautiful national parks provide natural walks in the tropical rain forests with the help of guides. It enables to feel, hear and see birds, plant species and sounds from different inhabitants.
White water Rafting and Source of the Nile

The source of the Nile is located in Uganda, Jinja and because of the rapid water falls makes it a famous destination for rafting and bungee jumping. A combination of Bujagali falls with roaming rapids; good scenery attracts many for relaxation. White water rafting can take half day, full day or two days.
Tribe in Kampala

which is Uganda’s capital city where we find the royal tombs (kasubi tombs).Because of the different cultures it involves a number of attractions, ceremonioes and historical events. Music ,dancing, visit of traditional sites like Mparo tombs,Kasubi tombs,Nakayima tree, local traditional beliefs,handcrafts,kabakas lake and experiencing circumcision ceremonies among the Bagisu.
The rich cultural traditions have led to the development of community tourism which has helped in improvement of the local communities in Uganda. All the cultural activities are eco-friendly and culturally respected.